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Republic of Rwanda (Republika y'u Rwanda), referred to as Rwanda. It is a landlocked country located on the southern side of the equator in central and eastern Africa. It is bordered by Tanzania in the east, Burundi in the south, Congo (Gold) in the west and northwest, and Uganda in the north. The land area is 26,338 square kilometers. There are many mountains in the territory, and there is the title of “the country of thousands of hills”. The main ethnic groups are Hutu, Tutsi and Teva. The official languages are Rwandan, English, French and Swahili.

Rwanda is one of the least developed countries in the world, and the backward agricultural and livestock population accounts for 92% of the national population. Due to the rapid population growth and the impact of the war, food self-sufficiency is insufficient, and the annual shortage of food is about 30%. The civil war and the massacre of 1994 collapsed the Lu economy and depleted the economy. After the establishment of the new government, the issue of new currency, the depreciation of Lulang 70%, and the implementation of a series of measures to restore the economy such as free exchange rate fluctuations, reform of the tax system, privatization, etc., the economy is growing year by year, the national reconstruction has achieved initial results, the economy has More than the pre-war (1990) level.

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