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The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (Spanish: República Bolivariana de Venezuela), referred to as Venezuela, is a country located in the northern part of South America, the capital of Caracas. It borders the Caribbean Sea to the north, Colombia to the west, Brazil to the south, and Guyana to the east. It is known as the “hometown of waterfalls” and covers an area of ​​916,400 square kilometers. The coastline is 2813 kilometers long. Venezuela’s country name “Venezuela” is actually derived from the Italian word “Little Venice”. Its allusion was discovered by the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci when he saw the American Indo at Lake Maracaibo. The village of the water stilt house where the Anren lived is named after the waters of Europe. As for the “Bolivar” in the official name of Venezuela, it was only joined in 1999 when Venezuela rebuilt the Constitution to commemorate Simon Bolivar, who was regarded as the founding hero.

Venezuela is a member of the Union of South American Nations and the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and an important oil producer and exporter in the world. One of the world's major oil producers. The oil industry is its economic lifeline, which accounts for about 80% of Venezuela's export earnings.

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