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The Federal Republic of Germany, referred to as Germany (hereafter referred to as West Germany or Federal Republic of Germany), is a republic of the Commonwealth of Central Europe, bordering Denmark to the north, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France to the west, Switzerland and Austria to the south, and the east. Bordering the Czech Republic and Poland, the country is composed of 16 federal states. The capital is Berlin, with a territory of 357,167 square kilometers. It is dominated by a temperate climate with a population of 82.67 million. It is the most populous country in the European Union, with Germans as the main body. Nationality.

The German ancestors were ancient Germans living in Central Europe. In the 10th century, the Germans established the Holy Roman Empire and split later. In 1871, the Kingdom of Prussia annexed the German states except the Austrian Empire to establish the German Empire and complete the German reunification. In 1914 and 1939, Germany provoked two world wars and defeated. In 1945, it split into two parts. On October 3, 1990, the German Democratic Republic (referred to as East Germany or Democratic Germany) officially joined the Federal Republic of Germany to achieve the unity of Germany. At present, Germany is the largest economy in Europe and one of the founding members of the European Union. It is also an important member of international organizations such as NATO, the Schengen Convention, the G8 and the United Nations. Germany is a highly developed capitalist country. One of the four largest economies in Europe, its social security system is perfect, and its citizens have a very high standard of living. The high-end manufacturing industry represented by automobiles and precision machine tools is also an important symbol of Germany.

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